Rotterdam Apartments

Rotterdam2013When you come to the city of Rotterdam for a visit, you would want to see all the leading places in this area.  There are so many attractive places to visit that it might become an overwhelming expedition for you and your family. Therefore, it is important to choose a proper accommodation. The best place to accommodate your family is in the city. There are a large number of apartments in Rotterdam options to choose. As a matter of fact, there are some apartments that are only used for accommodating guests or visitors to the city on rent.  Such stays are usually short and less expensive, compared to any of the hotels in the city. When you are traveling in groups, or with your full family, the best way is to ensure that you have a spacious accommodation so that there is enough room for everyone.

Rotterdam is a city where you can enjoy some of the greatest attractions, such as the biggest port of Europe. You can tour through this port with Spido and visit the tallest Look-out tower of this country, known as Euromast. You can also see the world-famous cube houses and people living without any straight walls. You can also join the stadium tour that takes you through the famous Feyenoord Stadium and visit the home of the Dutch national football team. Another greatest attraction  is the steamship where you will be able to join the guided tour and visit the engine room.

If you are staying with kids in an apartment in Rotterdam, you should make it a point to see the  Blijdorp Zoo and the breathtaking shark aquariums.

Touring the city to see some of the best attractions can be fun, if you want to ensure that you are not missing anything while touring the city, you should join the historical tram tour or the famous SplashTours. SpalshTour is the greatest attraction in which you can travel by bus on the river. You must also visit the Futureland to gather some knowledge about the Rotterdam port and Maesland storm surge barrier and its megastructures that protect the city from flooding. But, if you want to take the pleasure of all these places, you must stay in an apartment in Rotterdam. On your way back home after a tour, you will definitely need a comfortable and spacious arrangement to spread yourself. For a family of three or four people, a three bedroom residences can be a perfect arrangement.

For some scenic view, you can visit the captivating botanic gardens of the Arboretum Trompenburg. Your children will love the Miniworld, the theme park called Plaswijckpark and some of the lovely boats of the Kids Marina.

You may also want to enjoy exploring different parts of the city on your tour to the city. Take your kids on a short tour in the Pancake boat and see some of the lovely locales as you have a delicious meal of pancakes.  To enjoy all these things in the city, live in an apartment and make your stay comfortable. It is all in your hands.


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