Apartments Groningen

Groningen is one of the most popular cities in the Netherlands, especially due to its university—the University of Groningen. Due to this, it is quite easy for a student of the university to find an apartment in Groningen, as most apartments are built to cater for these students.

Groningen is the capital city of the Netherlands’s eponymous province, and is also the main municipality in the region. The region is immensely popular for its university, the University of Groningen. This is the oldest university in the Netherlands, after the University of Leiden. As a result, there are thousands of students who perennially occupy the city, especially those who occupy an apartment in the city. To be perfectly exact, the students are over thirty seven thousand. This is almost a fifth of the whole city. From this perspective, it becomes easy to categorize the beautiful city as a University city. That is, after all, how it gets the majority of its revenue; from students’ rent and social activities within the city’s boundaries.

With all these students, though, finding a place to stay becomes an issue. The University of Groningen does not offer accommodation to its students. Hence, a lot of the students have to find accommodation outside the University. Some students find accommodation outside the city and within another city. They then commute every day. However, most of them find an place to stay.

groningenFor the students of the University of Groningen, finding an house is not that hard. After all, the city has adjusted itself over the years to cater for all these students, as this is a business opportunity. As a result, a student does not have to look that hard to get themselves an room in Groingen. There are many an affordable apartments in Groningen. For this reason, the students who reside within the city are able to save plenty of their money. The rates within the city are a lot lower than in other cities in the countries, especially when one compares them to a place like Amsterdam. Hence, an apartment in Groningen is arguably the most affordable apartment in the entirety of the Netherlands.

It is not just the cost which makes it attractive for students to rent an apartment in the city. There are a multitude of other features that make accommodation within the city ideal for the students. For one, there is a vibrant nightlife within the city that caters towards the students. This includes clubs that are open until the wee hours of the morning, theaters and a variety of other features. The city, for instance, hosts two red light districts: the Nieuwstad, which is a street, and the A-kwartier, which is just an area. For the students who party with their friends, it is more than ideal for them if they have an apartment in Groningen, as they will have somewhere close to sleep in and will not have to travel to another city. Another reason is that any apartment  has a multitude of features, including furnishings, which make them much better value than the other cities within the Netherlands. Another reason for a student of the University to rent an apartment in Groningen is that the city, because of the size of its inhabitants, has limited traffic when one compares it to the other major cities in the Netherlands. This makes travelling from one place to another a quick and pleasant experience. The final reason for a student to rent  is that because of the relative remoteness and its being somewhat self-sufficient, the students may find most of what they may wish to purchase within the city. This includes anything from affordable foodstuff to affordable appliances andclothes,amongother things.

From all these reasons, it becomes easily apparent why a student would opt to rent instead of any other city in the country. An apartment in Groningen is affordable, specially located and is good value for money.

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