Apartments Amsterdam

app2.jpgKnowing the many considerations when renting an Amsterdam apartment will save you from a lot of expenses and variety of problems while staying in the city.

A Dutch real estate and housing agent may have all the answers to your questions regarding renting apartments in Amsterdam. He can show you a long list of possible options with a variety of amenities that could satisfy your needs. He can introduce you to many Dutch house owners whom you can close a deal with. He can take responsibility of the tedious legwork of house-hunting and formulate agreements in your behalf. Such are the essential duties of agents which you cannot live without. However, you are always given the freedom to choose whether you hunt with an agent to discover the city housing opportunities on your own.

Everything depends on your resources and capacity. Renting is a financial venture and choosing an apartment depends mainly on how much can you afford to pay. There is actually no problem if the company you are working with has already made arrangements with a housing agency. The company will logically shoulder all expenses no matter how costly the rental is. The real dilemma lies in the condition when you are going to pay out of your own pocket.

The first thing you can consider is the kind of district wherein you want to live. Take into account the neighborhood including the cafes, restaurants, parks and amusement centers. If you are in Amsterdam for business goals, then you can stay a little distant from the heart of the city. However, if you intend a vacation or relaxation stint, then look into the districts that offer fun and excitement at any time of the day.

Apartments in Amsterdam are bound with Dutch government regulations. If you already found one, grab it at once because housing crisis might cause you to lose that chance. Government-owned apartments are prioritized for eligible Dutch citizens and students. You might have a slim chance to take one of those because the tenants’ list is long and complicated. Sometimes, local residents may offer you to rent the apartment in their behalf. This is quite tempting but dangerous. Any illegal transactions made by you can be used in hindering your plan to seek for citizenship in the future.

Comparing prices is but natural but it is recommended not to compare prices of apartments in Amsterdam with other touristic cities in the world. This is because Amsterdam has its unique way of pricing according to its own municipal regulations and policies. Moreover, tenants and landlords are required to comply with these regulations in order not to be evicted (for the tenants) and for the rental agreement to be considered void. Aside from the regulations for which rental prices and agreements are governed, Amsterdam is a city that offers a lot that makes it incomparable to other places.

Aside from the high price for rental and agent fee, you should also prepare for deposit that could also vary from one apartment to another. Fully furnished apartments are acquired through a deposit which is a total of two months rental while unfurnished apartments only entail deposit equivalent to one month rental.

The rental may not include other fees for services like water, electricity and gas. As tenant, you will also be responsible to cover taxes on rubbish collection and sewage. Water supply in the city is potable and ready for drinking and cooking. Garbage collection is also covered with different regulations. Usually, tenants are required to place their rubbish in transparent plastic bags for collection at a definite regular time of the day. You might want to ask your agent or your landlord regarding these policies for you to comply accordingly.

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